Temporary Closure, Renewal Opt-in

In March 2020 we announced that we will be looking at ways of reducing the cost of membership to cover each full month The Sloane Club was closed in support of the National effort to keep the country safe. A number of Members thoughtfully wrote to extend your best wishes to the team and to thank The Club for the offer whilst declining the discount. We were so very touched by your responses and grateful for your feedback.

We would like to offer you the opportunity of opting-in to receive a discount on your next subscription renewal, based on the three full months The Sloane Club was closed, April, May and June.

Please note that we are unable to offer the discount retrospectively to already renewed subscriptions, however, please rest assured that the opt-in will be available for the next 12 months, until July 2021, ensuring that all Members wishing to opt-in are recompensed on their next renewal.
For example:
If your subscription is due for renewal in September 2020 at a value of £800, you will receive a subscription renewal in August, for settlement in September, showing your subscription of £800 less £200 , equating to a new renewal balance of £600.

To opt-in please email Tara Sephton, Membership Secretary at tsephton@sloaneclub.co.uk . Tara will apply the discount to your annual fee and re-issue your amended renewal notice. Please note that opt-in discount will be revoked on subscriptions not settled within the month they are due.