Become a Member | The Sloane Club

Membership Application Process

Applying for Membership at The Sloane Club is a simple process.

1. Initial Enquiry
Contact Membership Team through our enquiry form HERE. We aim to get back to all online enquiries within one working day to discuss your requirements, recommend the most suitable type of Membership and arrange a time for you to visit The Club.

2. Application Form
Once you have made a decision about the type of Membership, you will need to fill out a form to formally apply for Membership. All applications need to be supported either by an existing member of The Club or by two referees (one personal and one professional).

3. Approval by The Membership Committee
All completed applications will be reviewed by Membership Committee. The committee meets twice a month to review applications.

4. Payments
If your application is successful, our Membership Team will provide you with details on how to pay the first year's subscription and joining fee.

5. Final Details
Upon settlement of your membership fees, you will become an active member of The Sloane Club and can start using all the Club’s facilities straight away. The Membership Team will send you all the remaining Membership information so you can access Members Portal and enjoy all the Membership benefits. Your personal Membership Card can be collected from our Reception on your first visit.

**Please note that The Sloane Club reserve the right to change the process if necessary.